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Columbia's Nobel Laureates

Since 1901, when the awards were first given, 82 Columbians—including alumni, faculty, adjunct faculty, researchers and administrators—have won a Nobel Prize at some point in their careers. These distinguished scientists, statesmen and authors have won prizes in every field in which an award is given. The University's current faculty includes eight Nobel laureates. For additional information about them and other Columbia Nobel winners, visit the president's five-year report site and the Columbia 250th anniversary website.

Laureate Year Field
Roosevelt, Theodore 1906 Peace
Butler, Nicholas Murray 1931 Peace
Langmuir, Irving 1932 Chemistry
Milikan, Robert A. 1932 Physics
Morgan, Thomas Hunt 1933 Physiology
Urey, Harold C. 1934 Chemistry
Fermi, Enrico 1938 Physics
Rabi, Isidor Isaac 1944 Physics
Muller, Hermann Joseph 1946 Physiology
Northrop, John Howard 1946 Chemistry
Yukawa, Hideki 1949 Physics
Kendall, Edward C. 1950 Physiology
Kusch, Polykarp 1955 Physics
Lamb, Willis E. 1955 Physics
Richards, Dickinson W. 1955 Physiology
Cournand, Andre F. 1956 Physiology
Lee, Tsung-Dao 1957 Physics
Lederberg, Joshua 1958 Physiology
Libby, Willard 1960 Chemistry
Mayer, Maria Goeppert 1963 Physics
Bloch, Konrad E. 1964 Physiology
Townes, Charles H. 1964 Physics
Schwinger, Julian S. 1965 Physics
Wald, George 1967 Physiology
Gell-Mann, Murray 1969 Physics
Luria, Salvador E. 1969 Physiology
Leloir, Louis 1970 Chemistry
Kuznets, Simon S. 1971 Economics
Arrow, Kenneth J. 1972 Economics
Cooper, Leon N. 1972 Physics
Stein, William H. 1972 Chemistry
Bohr, Aage 1975 Physics
Rainwater, James 1975 Physics
Blumberg, Baruch S. 1976 Physiology
Friedman, Milton 1976 Economics
Gajdusek, D. Carleton 1976 Physiology
Ting, Samuel C. C. 1976 Physics
Nathans, Daniel 1978 Physiology
Penzias, Arno A. 1978 Physics
Weinberg, Steven 1978 Physics
Benacerraf, Baruj 1980 Physiology
Fitch, Val L. 1980 Physics
Hoffman, Roald 1981 Chemistry
Schawlow, Arthur L. 1981 Physics
Bergstrom, Sune 1982 Physiology
Stigler, George J. 1982 Economics
Hauptman, Herbert A. 1984 Chemistry
Rubbia, Carlo 1984 Physics
Modigliani, Franco 1985 Economics
Brodsky, Joseph 1987 Literature
Solow, Robert 1987 Economics
Lederman, Leon M. 1988 Physics
Schwartz, Melvin 1988 Physics
Steinberger, Jack 1988 Physics
Ramsey, Norman F. 1989 Physics
Varmus, Harold E. 1989 Physiology
Thomas, E. Donnal 1990 Physiology
Gordimer, Nadine 1991 Literature
Becker, Gary S. 1992 Economics
Walcott, Derek 1992 Literature
Fogel, Robert W. 1993 Economics
Perl, Martin L. 1995 Physics
Vickrey, William S. 1996 Economics
Merton, Robert C. 1997 Economics
Ignarro, Louis J. 1998 Physiology
Stormer, Horst L. 1998 Physics
Mundell, Robert 1999 Economics
Heckman, James 2000 Economics
Kandel, Eric 2000 Physiology
Knowles, William 2001 Chemistry
Stiglitz, Joseph 2001 Economics
Axel, Richard 2004 Physiology
Buck, Linda B. 2004 Physiology
Grubbs, Robert H. 2005 Chemistry
Mather, John C. 2006 Physics
Pamuk, Orhan 2006 Literature
Phelps, Edmund 2006 Economics
Schneider, Stephen H. 2007 Peace
Chalfie, Martin 2008 Chemistry
Obama, Barack H. 2009 Peace
Lefkowitz, Robert 2012 Chemistry
Roth, Alvin 2012 Economics