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The design of the Columbia identity incorporates the core elements of well-thought-out branding: name, font, color, and visual mark. The logo was designed using the official University font, Trajan Pro, and features specific proportions of type height in relation to the visual mark. The official Columbia color is Columbia Blue, or Pantone 290 (#c4d8e2). On a light color background, the logo can also be rendered in black (#000000), gray (60% black; #999999), Pantone 280 (#002b7f), or Pantone 286 (#0038a8); on a darker color background, the logo can be rendered in Pantone 290 (#c4d8e2), Pantone 291 (#A8cee2), or Pantone 284 (#75aadb), depending on which color works best with the overall design of your product, the media in which it will be reproduced, and its intended use.

For an electronic copy of the official University logo, contact Junie Lee in University Publications (jl661@columbia.edu).

The University Identity - Logo