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Art Exhibition Spaces, Columbia University

Exhibitions: Current and Upcoming

Columbia University’s School of the Arts' Office of Community Outreach offers exhibition spaces for artists from upper Manhattan. Exhibition spaces are available in the reception areas of two Columbia University Medical Center buildings, the Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavilion and the Lasker Biomedical Research building. Shows run for approximately 6 weeks; artwork is installed by an experienced art handler and can be sold with 100% return to artists through direct contact with artists. Exhibits are selected up to one year in advance and priority is given to emerging artists. The spaces only accommodate works that may be hung by wire and are more-or-less flat. No freestanding artwork will be permitted in either space. Exhibition spaces are located in the reception areas of the Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavilion at 1150 St. Nicholas Avenue and the Lasker Biomedical Research building at 3960 Broadway. The Gallery Space at Russ Berrie: Wall #1 is 360” long; Wall #2 is 84” long; height of artwork should not exceed 84”. The Gallery Space at the Lasker Building: Wall #1 is 199” long; Wall #2 is 128” long; Wall #3 is 48” long.

Eligibility: Artists must reside in Manhattan on or north of 96th Street
Fee(s): No fees. Artists are responsible for delivery and retrieval of their artwork
Registration/Application Deadline: Rolling. Several review dates by committee annually. Call for more information. Applications should include the following: Artist contact information (including mailing address, phone numbers, email and website); an artist statement; a description of proposed installation; resume including exhibition history; and 8-10 images of recent artwork (with an image list including title, date, medium, and dimensions). To apply online, visit www.ais.columbia.edu/
. Applications may also be emailed or mailed to the attention of the Community Arts Advisory Committee.
Mailing Address:
Community Arts Advisory Committee
Office of Community Outreach, Columbia University School of the Arts
302 Low Library (MC 4319)
535 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10027
Fax: 212-854-1324
Email: artsoutreach@columbia.edu
Columbia Unit(s): Office of Community Outreach, Columbia University School of the Arts

Apply Online

Harlem Arts Alliance

Harlem Arts Alliance firmly believes that the arts play a crucial role in the revitalization of the Harlem community. As an association of cultural organizations and individual artists dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural legacy and contributions of Harlem, HAA serves the needs of its members and their communities in several key ways: creating marketing and promotional materials, providing technical assistance, strategizing for grants and fundraising, building new audiences, and producing cultural presentations.

Fee(s): $25 individual membership; $100-$250 organization membership
Address: 229 West 135th Street
Phone: 347-735-4280
Fax: 212-281-1206
Email: admin@harlemaa.org
Website: www.harlemaa.org

Harlem Horizon Art Studio

The Harlem Horizon Art Studio offers an afternoon art program for inpatient and outpatient children ages 5 to 18. Children from the local communities are welcome to participate. The studio provides a safe environment where children can express themselves artistically through painting, sketching, sculpting, collage creation, two-dimensional art creation, and portfolio development. Every year during Black History Month, the studio holds its annual art exhibition at Columbia University, where children display their artwork. The studio is open Monday through Friday, 3 to 5 p.m.

Eligibility Requirements: Children ages 5 to 18
Fee(s): No fees
Address: 17-158 MLK Harlem Hospital Center, 506 Lenox Avenue, 17th Floor—Pediatrics Floor
Phone: 212-939-4010
Website: www.thefundforhhc.org/arts-and-healing-html                               

Fax: 212-939-4015
Email: oa2003@columbia.edu
Columbia Unit(s): Government and Community Affairs—Morningside Heights


Lawrence Wien Stadium Track Hours
Track hours are subject to change; visit www.gocolumbialions.com for most recent information.

Eligibility Requirements: None
Fee(s): No fees
Email: communityaffairs@columbia.edu
Website: www.gocolumbialions.com
Columbia Unit(s): Columbia Athletics, University Facilities


Access to Columbia University Facilities by Nonaffiliated Groups

Nonaffiliated groups and civic organizations seeking access to space at Columbia must submit a formal request on official stationery demonstrating their official 501(c) status and provide the following: nature of event; date and time of event; alternative dates; special needs; number of people expected.

Eligibility Requirements: Nonaffiliated groups and civic organizations with 501(c) status. All decisions regarding use of University facilities are made based upon space availability. Availability increases during the following periods: weekends during the academic year; winter break (December 15 to January 15); summer break (second week of May to July 1).
Fee(s): Rental, security, and direct services fees based upon the venue and services provided
Registration/Application Deadline: Requests must be submitted a minimum of 90 days prior to the event. Send them to the attention of Yanira Cantres, Project Coordinator, Office of Government Relations and Community Affairs, Columbia University, 309 Low Memorial Library, 535 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10027.
Phone: 212-854-2387
Fax: 212-851-7719
Email: communityaffairs@columbia.edu
Columbia Unit(s): Government and Community Affairs—Morningside Heights

Columbia Community Service, Inc.

This nonprofit affiliate of the University provides grants to fifty organizations near the Morningside campus that offer services and opportunities to local residents. Past recipients include Figure Skating in Harlem, Friends of Morningside Park, and St. Mary's Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry.

Eligibility Requirements: Organizations should request a grant application in writing. They can send the written request to the Office of Community Affairs, Columbia University. Organizations should be not-for-profit and located within a certain region around the University.
Fee(s): No fees
Registration/Application Deadline: Grant applications are mailed to organizations that have submitted a request for an application and have already met the requirements. Visit website for details.
Address: 304 Earl Hall, Mail Code 2025; 2980 Broadway, New York, NY 10027
Phone: 212-854-4288
Email: communityaffairs@columbia.edu

For Columbia University Employees: Joan Griffith-Lee jeg7@columbia.edu                     Phone: 212-854-4288                      

For Barnard College Employees: Vivian Taylor vtaylor@bardnard.edu Phone: 212-854-2021                      

For Teachers College Employees: Yvonne Destin destin@echange.tc.columbia.edu  Phone: 212-678-8177
Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/annualappeal
Columbia Unit(s): Government and Community Affairs—Morningside Heights

Holiday Toy Drive

During the holidays, hundreds of toys are donated by Columbia faculty and staff and distributed to local organizations that provide services to children.

Eligibility Requirements: Written requests should be received before December 1 of each year. Only requests from local, not-for-profit community organizations will be considered.
Registration/Application Deadline: Requests should be received by the Office of Government and Community Affairs before December 1 of each year.
Phone: 212-854-4469 for the Morningside campus; 212-305-8060 for the Medical Center campus
Email: communityaffairs@columbia.edu for the Morningside campus; cumcgca@columbia.edu for the Medical Center campus
Columbia Unit(s): Government and Community Affairs—Morningside Heights


Barnard Children's Swim Program

During the school year, the Barnard College Children's Swim Program offers American Red Cross Courses, Levels I through V, and parent and child classes. All classes take place on either Saturday or Sunday. There are no summer classes offered.

Eligibility Requirements: Community participation is encouraged, but space is limited.
Fee(s): $130 at time of registration
Registration/Application Deadline: Visit the website for the most up-to-date information regarding programs and registration.
Phone: Lucy Rosalia 212-854-6940
Website: www.barnard.edu/fitbear
Columbia Unit(s): Barnard College

Big Sibs (Big Brother/Big Sister)

The focus of the Big Sibs program is the development of regular and positive interaction with a caring, stable friend and mentor. Volunteers undergo screening and participate in monthly workshops. Big Siblings make, at a minimum, a two-year commitment to spend three to five hours per week with their little brother or sister.

Eligibility Requirements: Children ages 6 to 11; participation is dependent upon availability of Big Sibs volunteers
Fee(s): No fees
Phone: 212-854-1492
Website: http://communityimpactatcu.org/ci/programs/youth-programs/big-sibs
Columbia Unit(s): Community Impact