To Apply:
NO LATER than June 14, 2013
We highly encourage you to attend The Columbia Young Artists Film Lab event held in Rm. 511
Dodge Hall on the Columbia University Campus, May 19th, at 4pm. Bring your questions
comments and concerns. We will be providing more information about the program.
1) Please attach a typed or neatly handwritten response to the following questions and return
them by e-mail to or by postage to:
Filmmakers of Color United in Spirit
513 Dodge Hall, MC 1805
2960 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
2) Write a short personal statement. (No more than 1 page) Be sure to include…
Why do you like to tell stories?
What is your favorite movie/why?
What would you like to get out of this program?
What are your goals?
3) Film scenario: Read the following openings, choose one and imagine the scene that might
follow it. The scene you write may or may not include dialogue. It should be no less than half a
page, and no more than two pages long.
A YOUNG WOMAN, about 20, sits on a bus peering ahead through the crowd. She stares
intently at something several seats ahead of her; it’s the back of someone’s head. After a
moment, she makes a decision, gets up and makes her way over to the person. When she
arrives, we see that the object of her attention is a MAN, about 65, reading a newspaper.
The YOUNG WOMAN begins to speak:
From outside a dark home, we can just see the figures of TWO TEENAGERS struggling to
climb in through an open window. Trying to keep quiet, they just can’t stop their giggling.
One after the other they pull themselves through the window and disappear just as a
LIGHT comes on in one of the windows:
A WOMAN, mid 30’s, dressed in a MAID’S UNIVORM is picking up plates and empty
glasses, straightening the patio after a party the night before. She stops when she realizes
that she is not alone. Turning around, she sees a boy, 14, exiting the house and heading
towards her angrily:
FOCUS: Filmmakers of Color United in Spirit is a multicultural organization dedicated to
increasing the visibility of filmmakers and film scholars of color within Columbia University and
the surrounding community through outreach initiatives, recognition of diversity in education
and networking with alumni and the film industry at large.
Visit us online at:

Columbia Young Artists Film Lab
Participant Application
The Columbia Young Artists Film Lab is a boot camp sponsored by the Columbia University
organization called, FOCUS (Filmmakers of Color United in Spirit). The Lab will provide young
adults between the ages of 14 to 19 an opportunity to make a movie. During your training in the
basics of filmmaking, you will be exposed to the academic pursuit of filmmaking. Those who take
part in the The Columbia Young Artist Film Lab will leave the program with skills that can aid
them in pursuing a career in the film industry.
We look forward to welcoming you to Columbia!
This program will be conducted under the strict supervision of Columbia University Master of
Fine Arts Students who have been through a screening process and committed to supporting a
productive, safe and creative atmosphere.
Classes will be held on the Columbia Campus at Dodge Hall.
Participant Expectations:
Take part in the creation of an original film
Complete the assignments given by the program
Be on time and attentive to the lessons being taught
Learn to follow the rules of the on-set safety
Follow the directions of the programs’ mentor and instructors
Be respectful of everyone and their creative processes
Participant Expectations:
The Columbia Young Artists Film Lab will be held for a five day stretch from July 8th to July 12th, Due
to our limited time together, you will be expected to attend every class. The classes will be hands-on
workshops designed to teach you the basics of screenwriting, directing, production, cinematography,
insurance and on-set safety. As a graduate of the program you will have a n opportunity to return for
an editing workshop in which they will edit the films of the current participants of the boot camp.
You will graduate from The Columbia Young Artists Film Lab in a ceremony held on the Columbia
University campus at which your work will be screened for public.
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